Startup project development

Idea Labs - full cycle web project development team
We have been successfully designing and developing web projects for 12 years.
For all the time of our work, all started startup projects were launched online on time and for pre-planned budgets!

Own production platform edmp

We have developed our own platform! On modern technologies from the web world:

How to order a project development

Very simple.
To develop a startup project, you need to write to the project system architect

Development cycle


Project technical support stage

After the development of web projects, we organize technical support.
To do this, we have a support portal.
In the Help Desk Portal, customers and partners can set tasks, prioritize tasks, discuss details, and monitor the resource spent on each task.

What you need to connect to the support portal

Everything is very clear, understandable and convenient!

Maintenance of server hardware

  • The devops division also provides support for web servers on linux OS.
  • We perform work on setting up and maintaining server hardware both on the customer's servers and on hostings.
  • We install systems for monitoring and controlling indicators of server hardware.
  • We update the software on the servers for security purposes.
  • We implement incremental backup systems for web projects.

What you need to order server technical support

Contact the project system architect Contact the system architect => discuss server maintenance details => determine the details of the required server maintenance service (accesses, communication channel providers, etc.) => attach the devops team and promptly resolve emerging issues. Everything is very clear, understandable and convenient!