On the market
13 years
Large implementations
Implemented project


Our most important resource — our team of professionals
for important technical issues.
  • Technical Director, system architect
    level expert-auditor; experience 15 years
  • Backend/Frontend developers Node.js, TypeScript, Websocket
    senior level; experience 5 years
    middle level; experience 3 years
    junior level; 1.5 years experience
  • Backend developer api Bitrix D7
    level senior; experience 6 years
  • Backend developer rest api and services
    level senior; experience 7 years
  • Backend developer Laravel framework
    level senior; experience 6 years
  • Frontend developer Vue.js, JavaScript, Websocket
    level senior; experience 7 years
  • layout designer
    level middle; experience 3 years
  • DevOps
    level senior; experience 10 years
  • Tester
    level senior; experience 5 years
  • iOS developer
    level senior; experience 7 years
  • Android developer
    level senior; experience 6,5 years

We use


Development process

Team specialization spans the entire life cycle
product development: from design to commissioning
operation, from maintenance to the future

Turn-key startup development

  • Consulting
  • Formalization of FR
  • Design
  • Modeling
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Launch
  • Scaling
  • Technical support

Automation in the field of consulting services

  • Automation of business processes from hiring new employees to processing requests for correction of text materials
  • Implementation of the financial management system
  • Financial analytics tools
  • Analyzers of projects and transactions
  • Process automation document flow
  • Functionality for preparing payment orders, invoices, contracts, and actual costs
  • Base of trainers and consultants

Product development for regular air service

  • Automation of business processes from vacation applications to cash disbursements
  • Automation of the company's workflow from the preparation of draft outgoing documents before the preparation of documents for internal regulatory documentation
  • Automation of the functionality of processing passenger claims
  • Automation and analytics of the department of internal investigations
  • Flight preparation automation
  • Aircraft accounting and maintenance functionality

Development of products for business aviation

  • CRM implementation from the processes of creating transactions and flights, to financial and legal mechanisms for preparing documents
  • Business analysis tools for each aircraft
  • Analysis tools actual plan
  • Tools for calculating marginality
  • A set of flight preparation tools for departure (OPS)
  • Flight plan
  • Automation of business processes from preparation of technical documentation to vacation applications
  • Data collection system for all airports in the world, time zones and characteristics
  • Flight personnel testing system (up to this point, it was necessary to send the flight crew to France)

Development of products for online learning

  • Job Profile Creation System
  • Competency testing system
  • Developmental Action Menu
  • Online learning system
  • Knowledge Testing System
  • Interactive learning materials
  • Functionality of tutors on the project
  • Learning track creation tools
  • Project creation tools
  • Interactive components within educational materials

Data analytics product development

  • Form constructor
  • Data collection system by public and private respondents
  • System of projects and complex questionnaires
  • Tools for styling and branding profiles
  • Tools for conditional constructions and methods of movement on issues
  • 360 degree testing project
  • System for generating individual reports in HighLoad mode
  • System for generating general analytical reports in HighLoad mode
  • Researching Engineering Ability
  • Riesz Testing Project
  • Wilson Testing Project
  • Research on motivational preferences (RMP)
  • MSP
  • Safe behavior
  • General ability test

Development of products for the financial sector

  • Project "Maternity Capital"
  • System "Good Collector"
  • System "Judicial conveyor"
  • Analytics and statistics data collection business processes
  • Analytics tools from employee performance to margin
  • rest API for integrating external systems 1C and Oktell
  • Online Sales Script Tools
  • Scoring
  • Autodialing robots and Bitrix 24 integration with Oktell telephony system
  • Implementation of a corporate portal for a call center in Latin America

Automation in the field of business education

  • Integrated management system for the processes of the holding and all its branches based on Bitrix 24
  • Event planning
  • System "Judicial conveyor"
  • Financial analytics
  • Process management
  • Service management
  • Marginality
  • Analytics

Development for info-business

  • Complex system for B2B infobusiness
  • Educational materials designer
  • System for accepting payments separately for each client of the platform
  • Educational materials designer
  • Billing system
  • Partner management system
  • System of online interaction with learning users
  • External integration tools with other systems
  • White Pages Tools

Development of a startup on the structure of the landing page

  • World-class startup
  • The system for creating landing pages in which the design is generated automatically
  • Landing page builder
  • Smart system for distributing content across the landing page
  • Individual templates ranked by topics and external parameters
  • Payment acceptance and billing system
  • Visit analytics system
  • Supervisor's office
  • Intelligent system for modular landing pages
  • Landing page generation wizard according to selected criteria

Startup in the field of rent

  • Distributed HighLoad system throughout Russia for placing ads and processing orders
  • Ads constructor
  • Order processing system
  • Marketing tools for tracking traffic channels, orders, requests, ads
  • User accounts
  • Marketing tools for tracking traffic channels, orders, requests, ads
  • Ad moderation system
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS

Automation in the field of receiving payments

  • CRM integration
  • Integration with external systems
  • Sales funnel automation system for many company projects
  • A system for routing calls to the company from all sources from calls to related systems and projects
  • System of the constructor for routing calls to the company
  • Organization system of the company's technical support department
  • Tools for analyzing the effectiveness of technical support staff

Development in the field of wholesale

  • Comprehensive project for the accounting and implementation of wholesale sales of dairy products
  • Inventory control
  • Systems of a specific instrument for the sale of dairy products (quantiles, boxes, packaging)
  • Internet showcase HighLoad
  • System of work with companies clients
  • Data exchange system with external systems
  • Project of mobile purchase terminals for product customers


“We are what we do every day. The ability to manage your actions forms character, and thanks to character a person acquires the ability to manage his life. "[Aristotle]